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How we work    
We use an eco friendly approach and we use nothing but purified water to wash all the frames, sills, glasses and leave them streak free. With our extendable water-fed pole technology we utilise, allows us to polish external windows up to third floor without using ladders. 
The evening before cleaning
We text and/or email you a kind reminder. If necessary we inform you to leave the side gates open and close the windows. If you need a specific time you will let us know.
The day of cleaning
We clean frames, sills, doors and windows thoroughly. We do the final checks. All work is guaranteed. We let you know that we finished the work by text if required.
Payment methods
We send emails and/or text with invoices. We accept bank transfers or just the simple GoCardless system.
Your next clean
This is automatically scheduled in.
Thank you for giving ACQUA the opportunity to quote for any work you may require. Please send us your contact details with a brief overview of your requirements and we will respond to you as soon as possible. We offer a no obligation quotation, full insurance, Health and Safety policy certificate and a list of recommendations if required. We look forward to being of assistance, thank you Morne.